Android on Samsung i8910

    Is there any way to port android onto the Samsung i8910??? I will give rep to helpful answers

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    Very unlikely at the moment pal. There isn't an Android based phone similar enough for a straight port across. You would at best be killing off most of the benefits of the phone if you managed to get it working as most parts wouldn't work without driver development, etc.

    Personally I have only heard of Android being made to run on some HTC phones that shipped with Windows. Other than that it has been on phones that have shipped with it. Maybe when the new Samsung Google Phone comes out someone will decide they are similar enough to take it on as a project.

    Best resource I have used for this type of thing (many different ROMs on the three HTC phones before my G1) is , but they haven't touched on the Sammys yet. A quick search of Google reveals nothing and you can bet once someone has done it you will find the link on the first page within a couple of days.
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