Android or Apple Iphone?

Help Please.

I need to get a new mobile phone as I have lost the will to live with my I8910 (I hate Symbian). I like all the functions and the look of the Iphone, but I am not too keen on the price. I have also looked at something like the Samsung Galaxy S using the Android operating system that I hear a lot about but have no experience of either.

Which would you recommend Apple (Iphone) or Android (maybe Galaxy S).

Thanks Mark


it has to be all down to preference.

personally wouldn't touch iphone because a) i'm not a sheep, b) hate itunes, c) not keen on apple's ring-fenced policy, d) couldn't cope with a piddling 3.5" screen after my hd2 running android 2.2 but, a hell of a lot of people love their iphones.

i prefer android and managed to save my lass from jumping on the iphone bandwagon - she's now very very happy with her htc desire (very robust phone).

Use both at a store doing the things you commonly use your phone for, that's the best way to chose one.
I am very happy with the iphone as it has a excellent web browser, makes calls and texts very well, and the apps are very useful and mostly free. Plus with the iPhone is that it never slows down with time and will hold its value a lot longer than others when you decide to sell it.

If you do go for android, I would reccomend going for a htc phone over samsung, sony or whatever. But like has been said depends on personal preference.

i have a galaxy s and its pretty good, i wish i had have waited for the new htc flip out keyboard one though but thats cause im a bit of a sloppy texter on swype

Android personally. Iphones might have a little edge with apps at the moment, but the cost of them really puts me off, and the fact that everyone seems to want one.

oh, another thing - my htc phone is strong - i've dropped it a couple of times, once onto concrete, and not much more than a scuffed frame - try that with an iphone and it's bye-bye.

One word, Widgets. Android wins.

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oh, another thing - my htc phone is strong - i've dropped it a couple of … oh, another thing - my htc phone is strong - i've dropped it a couple of times, once onto concrete, and not much more than a scuffed frame - try that with an iphone and it's bye-bye.

If your as clumsy as me then I'd be buying a new Iphone every month

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One word, Widgets. Android wins.


whats the difference between widgets and apps?

As someone who uses both at the moment I'd say if you want something easy to use then an iPhone is your bet, if you want customisation then Android.

You can get all the opinions you like but unless you try them out you won't know what is better for you.

By the way, my iphone has been dropped a few times, including concrete and it has managed to go back to Apple under warranty and replaced without them questioning the condition!!


DarkKnight,whats the difference between widgets and apps?

Widgets are "mini apps" or front ends to apps that can run on the homescreens displaying information or acting as indicators/switches without having to fully open an app.

Think app crossed with a shortcut!


DarkKnight,whats the difference between widgets and apps?

Yeah basically what the other guy said.
It's the same as the Windows sidebar, youcan put widgets there such as one displaying the weather. There some great ones on Android, so i have most of my home screens filled with widgets such as Emails, Facebook, Clock (Analogue and digital), News, Weather, Battery indicator, Music player and more.

I'd go with Android too.
I have the Samsung Galaxy S.

I've also been playing with the App Inventor too. This enables you to create your own apps at no cost! However, if you were to put them on the marketplace, this will cost you. (but not much)

Nokia 3310

I have had both (recently went from HTC Hero to iPhone 4). As others have said, the only true answer is that it depends. The widgets on android are pretty cool, and it is cheaper. The Galaxy S has a phenomenol screen. On the iphone side the quality of the apps is generally better, e.g. there are far more good games. I have chosen the iphone 4 as it is just such a lovely well built thing, with quality throughout. As another said, the value of the iphone will hold up too should you be selling it in a few years, wheras with the android phones depreciation is greater due to the number of new models being released all the time..

Another option would be to stick with your existing phone and get the new ipod touch 8GB, only £189 and has 99% of the functions of iPhone 4.
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