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First time I’ve opened a discussion so please forgive me if I have done wrong.

we are looking to buy a 43-46” smart tv but are struggling to find anything other than Sony that offer Android operating system.

we’re not too bothered about 4K or 3D just something we can use google play store on to get 3rd party apps. We don’t want to run any Android boxes in the bedroom due to space and wires.

we have a budget of ~£300-400 even if this means refurb/2nd hand.

does anybody know of any other manufacturers or any deals on at the minute? Kind regards, Neil.
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Why do you want android on the TV? What do you want to do that's specific to android? Personally I lost interest in android on tvs ages ago. Roku stick or Fire stick, and you got everything you need. Mate has an lg tv that was £400 and that has all the smart features in and works great. Don't think it's android though
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Ive got a sony tv cost me 1200 and the only thing that lets it down is the android os. Its bloody awful. Personally id use an android box they work slightly better and most are tiny
Go for any Tele in that price. Buy an android box that will do the trick.
Only really Philips to add into your mix though they on the higher end ones. Whatever you end up getting, first thing before you do anything else is to check on the manufactuers website the latest firmware versions and most people never update the firmware on them and half the times even out of box they on old version (this was issue with some of the first Sony's that came out which was why bargains where to be had on Amazon Warehouse due to high return rates)

Philips Android TV

Remember these mostly run Android TV Os and not Mobile Android which is what you see on the "Android TV box's". (except the of the Shield and MI box which also run proper Android TV)

Amazon Android TV Link
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Ive got a 42" cheapo LG smart TV (about £350) and the smart features are bloody brilliant, netflix, amazon prime all start instantly and really quick and stable.
I have Android built into my TV. It's very convenient - and that's about all it offers really. Not as slick as an Android TV box. Because it is built in you can't alternate between HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 for example (as you would if you had a Sky box and Android box connected).

This means if I am watching something on Android TV and I want to quickly flick onto Sky, I basically have to press 'TV' and go to Sky - but then lose my Android TV viewing.

I bought mine cos it was unbelievably cheap…921

- but wouldn't buy a TV with built in otherwise. Although mine was the best TV I ever bought!!
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