Android phone needed

Found 1st Nov 2017
Evening all

Im lookin for a bit of help choosing a phone for work. Basically only use iphones but cant really justify the expense for work

Will mostly be used for calls or texts basic surfing etc and email. My budget is about £150

Also not interested in ordering from china etc must b available in the uk. I hve no experience whatsoever with android phones so hopefully you guys can help ta
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Slightly above your budget, but the Moto G has usually been a good line.

My aunt has the G5 and it's a decent phone.

Only possible issue is that in the past Lenovo (who own Motorola) only stated 1 big update for an older model I owned with maybe software patches for a while (a year?).

Software updates are likely to be the biggest issue with whatever phone you go for, unless you're willing to delve into custom ROMs.

If everyone else you know uses iPhones however, the only issue may be imessages if people send them expecting you to have it. In which case you may be able to pick up an older iphone or the SE model for not much more if you go second hand (or like new in the case of one offer on this site).
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