Android phone payment for apps please help for my 11 year old?

    Son has got an android phone this morning for his Christmas present.
    When he tried to download apps it instantly is asking for credit card details.
    Is there any other way of paying. (not hacking please I am not technical enough for that)
    He had told me he thought it came out of the phone payment I have credited to his phone but I now think he must be wrong. Bit miffed as I had credited an extra £20 so he could buy apps.
    Thanks in advance and hope you are all having a great Christmas.


    Yeah it doesn't come from top up, it comes from an account you set up on the marketplace (like itunes for iphones).

    you don't need to be technical to put them on the phone other ways though, all you need are the .apk files for the app, which are easy to get, but thats all i'm saying! ha. You can also do it this way legally by buying them through the android app store on a computer.

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    Thanks Nickjjjjj. I have a lot to learn....
    Hope you're having a good day.
    Appreciate your help.

    go to android app store loads free apps

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    Thanks guys he's having a go at angry birds at the mo. I cant quite see all the hype about this game but keep going back to it for a couple of minutes....

    Angry Birds is great! There's a Christmas version as well. If he's going to want to send picture messages and videos, tell him to look into 'WhatsApp' as well, which means he can do it over data (if its included in his allowance) so it won't come off credit. I only started using it today and it's great. Free for a year.

    There are plenty of good free apps, and Android is getting better all the time, so hopefully he'll love it!

    And thanks for the Christmas wishes. Same to you and your family
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