Android Phone Recomendations?

    Looking to jump ship from Apple to Android so I'm looking for recommendations for a new Android phone.

    I've got a budget of between £200 - £300 and ideally I'd be looking for the following specs -

    Explndale Memory (Micro SD)
    At least 2GB RAM
    1080p HD Screen
    Snapdragon 800+
    12mp camera

    I've see a few Chinese phones which offer what I'm looking for but I'm a bit worried about any after sale support/warranty issues.

    Can anyone suggest something suitable?



    Just stretch to the One plus 3...

    At your budget and specs you're looking for it would have to be a Chinese type phone. OnePlus 3 has excellent specs and can be had for just over £300.

    From memory it is snapdragon 820, 64gb storage and has dual sim. These specs rival the iPhone 7 and Samsung S7 Edge which I just bought, at half the price. if I didn't have to go with installments I would have got the OnePlus 3 myself.

    You can buy a mint condition phone from CEX. They have 2 years warranty I think.

    If you could stretch your budget you won't be disappointed with the OnePlus 3 it's a excellent phone with high specifications for the money.

    try and pick up a LG G5 for under £300

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    Does the One Plus have expandable memory?

    Ali Express now do a 1 years warranty package for most phones, and Xiaomi do support their phones with updates.

    My 3 y/o Note had the option of monthly Stable updates, Weekly Beta updates or nightly Alpha updates for the first two and a half years, only dropping to quarterly(ish) updates after that.
    It updated to the latest version of the MIUI OS, late on Christmas Eve.

    VERY few of the Chinese makers or sellers offer support once they have your money.

    Another recommendation for the OnePlus 3. No expandable storage, but tbh I don't miss it with 64gb.

    Not 100% on the specs, but I love my p9 lite. You could probably get the p9 on your budget.

    LG G5

    S7 o2 refresh. Best screen, great camera and gear vr support

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    S7 o2 refresh. Best screen, great camera and gear vr support

    Is that for a contract too? I'm on Gift Gaff so looking for phone only.

    Hot deal on the OnePlus 2 today

    Shakey Mic

    Is that for a contract too? I'm on Gift Gaff so looking for phone only.

    With o2 refresh its a contract but you cancel the airtime to get the phone cheaper.


    Hot deal on the OnePlus 2 today

    where abouts ? ta


    Have a look the Huawei P9.

    Nexus 6P here!
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