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    I was just having a snoop on the vodafone coming soon section as I'm just about due a new phone. It seems they're getting -

    HTC Legend
    HTC Desire
    Google Nexus One

    Does anyone have any of these or want to share their opinions, I'm gonna give the iphone a miss and go for one of these. I read a few this saying the Desire is probably the best of the bunch?


    HTC Legend is the hero replacement. 600mhz processor. slightly smaller screen than the other 2.

    HTC Desire is same hardware as a Google one and with a 1 Ghz processor and comes with HTC's sense ui which a lot of people seam to like.

    My choice (HTC Desire)

    From the reviews I've read the Google Nexus One is the one to go for…ne/ is a Nexus One review. The Desire, is an improved version of the Nexus by all accounts, with the Legend replacing the Hero.

    Both the Nexus and Legend will only be available on Vodafone, if reports are correct.

    Original Poster

    hmmm thanks for replies

    hopefully there are some decent prices for these phones and their contracts

    I think the Desire is where it is at to be honest!

    I'd go with the HTC Desire. It provides the best of both worlds. You get pretty much identical hardware as the Nexus. It comes with HTC Sense, which is basically an improved user interface over the default Android one. From the PAYG prices I've seen, Legend is going to be £400 and the Desire supposed to be £450. However, on HUKD I've seen a few deals where the Desire is about £380.

    I suppose those prices could be worth considering when deciding if what they're offering sounds reasonable. Desire and Legend should be released late March/early April. Not really come across much details on the Nexus though.

    EDIT: If you are into all modding, flashing and other forms of customisation of phones, then the phone to get is the Nexus. It seems to be the most actively developed in terms of custom ROMs, hacks and tweaks by a lot of developers
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