Android SATNAV for western Europe

Found 15th Mar
We have a Garmin Nuvi satnav with western Europe and I have downloaded the recent maps from the Garmin website.

If possible, I would like to get a back up satnav for my phone in addition to the Garmin while we are driving around Spain.

Any recommendation? Preferably one where I can download the western Europe map on to my phone so it doesn't have to use mobile data.
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I used - one by Sygic called GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic on the app store.

I can't remember if it had a cost or not but that had offline map mode and worked really well for me in Iceland. Got me everywhere i wanted to go and had options to avoid tolls etc.

Think it may only be a country by country map, so if you wanted multiple countries you'd have to download them all individually.. Not entirely sure as we just needed Iceland on its own.

They have a few apps and are my go to one for sight seeing in cities aswell.
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Use Google. Needs a data card but no maps to download. Works a treat in the UK
get 3 free sim with 200mb free data.
get Waze.

and you are sorted.
We have data and we will be able to use roam at home when we are in Spain, but signal may be iffy on the motorways and in rural areas where we are going so I am hoping to get a SATNAV for my android phone that does not rely on mobile data, only GPS signal.
Here maps will do the job.. That's what it's called... here..... Download app and install whatever map you want
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Navigator Absolutely brilliant.
Here Maps, may also be called HereWeGo for some phones or App Stores, you can download Wordwide Maps then use the Phone and App as a Stand Alone SatNav without any Data use..

Highly recommended, been using them for years, way back when they were Nokia Maps.…aps
craigstephens1 h, 13 m ago

Another vote for here, here.

And another here :). Think it's called "Here we go" now.
Thanks guys, will have a look at HERE, as that sounds interesting. It sounds like a joke rather than a serious app, but hey, what do i know
Here here too.
Just plain and non fussy. Easy to use too.
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