Android - saving game data (Helium app?!)


I am looking at saving my game data on my nexus, and since my tablet is not rooted, I installed the helium application from the play store as recommend in many places. ''Helium app sync and backup''.

It asked me to install the desktop application to finish the set up of the android application and gave me the site of what I needed to install on the desktop PC. I loaded it up and anti malwarebytes blocks the site because of malware

Any advice? It seems a common program. I don't want to post the entire link encase someone can click it and go to a site with malware, but it involves clockwordmod/carbon in the site address.

I really want to backup my game data to use on my mobile phone, and if I need to format the nexus tablet.

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks but I am not looking at rooting unfortunately

Has anyone else had this problem with helium?
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