Android scanner app for multiple pages document

Posted 17th Dec 2022
Adobe scanner won't allow me to select the multiple scanned pages to create one PDF document. I get a message where the adobe icon appear and says not supported.

Camscanner used to add the pages together automatically if you took the pages in one session but doesn't seem to be doing it any more.

Anyone know how I can get either app to do so or is this a subscribed service now?
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    Microsoft Lens. Excellent app, no watermarks added. I use this regularly to scan receipts and other multi page stuff.
    just downloaded and tested and it created two PDF files for the two pages that I tried out. It doesn't add them to one PDF document and I can't see a setting to add the two PDF together into one document.

    Update - found out how to combine the files now thanks (edited)
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    My first thought would be CamScanner but it would Ben MS Lens. (edited)
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    Would Accumulator PDF Creater work for you?