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Guys any idea on an android box that is compatible with USB controllers. or any SNES controllers that are compatible with android boxes. I have purchased a few but seem to be none work...?? Thanks



Buy a shield and use that controller.
Buy cheap buy 4/5/6 times.

+1 on shield. Best hardware ive purchased in years and the retro controllers work great on it.

I'm struggling to find it on the play store but there used to be an App called "Wiimote Controller" (I think) that allowed you to use a classic controller (with it plugged into a Wiimote).

It appears that with a SNES to USB adaptor and an OTG adaptor the original genuine article works on Android....…PZM

I have this…c30 which works great with everything I've tried on my phone and also works wired with my pc as a 360 controller. If you want to be more authentic they do a snes one but doesn't have thumb sticks so not so good for newer games…c30

Also the new shield tv box looks very nice. Also has (or will have) built in google assistant, which is pretty awesome

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Echo the above. Save up for a Shield. It's worth every penny and the controllers are very good. It does a shed load of other things really well too.
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