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Found 18th Nov 2010
Hi guys,

i know i probably wont get a reply, but i want a tablet, a fairly good one with around these specs:

Android 2.1
highest mhz processor
256/512mb ram
Must have android market, because i think some come with their own, like the archos, and that for me is a no go.
If possible a capcitive screen would be awesome too.

Looking to spend under 200 quid

Any input or pointers would be great.

Thanks guys
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With the Archos, I thought you could just add the Android market as an app! I've seen this mentioned on threads before.
Oh, well i havent done that much research into them, as i heard they had their own bespoke app store which didnt have half as much variation as the android store, hence i went no further than that.

Where did you hear they can have the android market?

2nd Bump. No one no about these things liike?
3rd and Final bump! Someone must be in the know surely?
Archos 101 is the best of money around 250
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