Android tablet parental control ?

Found 24th Sep 2017Edited by:"davnav"
Whats the best way to set tablet up so my child is safe on online ,site's restricted and so on.
Link to step by step or app needed thanks
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Above link is for the device itself, in the sense of what app they can use and resctrictions on playstore.…59/

The above is showing how to restrict content for youtube.

You will also need another guide for restricting content on Google Chrome browser. Afraid I'm getting a zillion different hits searching for a real guide but hopefully someone else might point you in the right direction.
Just to add to that, the child could simply download a different web browser but I beleive you can restrict this from the way you setup the play store stuff (I think).

Chrome bit (in reverse lol)…oid
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Thanks I'll check them out
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