Android to android stream camera via Bluetooth?...

    Evening all, does anyone know if this is possible?

    I have a tablet (hudl) and an old android phone (Nexus 4). For a little project I'd like to transmit the phone cameras image to the hudl screen (live) but neither will be connected to a network, so would have to be Bluetooth I guess?

    I'll reveal the use if when it works!



    Bluetooth is a little low tech for that due to the amount of data needed to be transmitted audio is ok but video is a bit much better off going direct wifi to wifi

    bet its for something perverted

    Try Here, basically make the phone an IP camera, and can view it on any device, not sure if this will work over bluetooth though but i may if you can find some bluetooth lan app?

    not sure, but good luck and hope its not a creepy use

    You won't be able to "transmit" the image via bluetooth, all you will be able to do his transfer the image.

    Original Poster

    Haha no not perverted at all but expected that response!

    Normally had to be wifi, as Bades said, the bandwidth of Bluetooth was too low and could not transmit enough data to stream Video, however with Bluetooth V5 they added better support for Video and you need both devices to be able to support the standard.

    There is an android app called 'Camera Remote' that allows this to work but the reviews are mixed as the technology is not quite there yet…ote

    Better to buy a 1080p ip hikvision camera for £65 as I found most mobiles get very hot if used as an ip camera solution and then crash / unreliable but good luck
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