Posted 24th Feb 2023
Well, that's a few days since the update, and all I can day is that this update has been terrible. Battery draining issues aside, the presentation of this upgrade is utter cr*p.

Is anyone else having issues with it? Did anybody try the battery drain troubleshooting? I can't figure it out.
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    Do you mean Samsung One UI?

    Android is WAY beyond 5.1.

    I would recommend backing up your files and doing a full factory reset of your phone. It’s expected for the performance and battery life to be worse for the first few days after an update as it will be doing background optimisation. But if it continues after that it’s likely that there’s some kind of bug or incompatibility causing trouble. A factory reset will clear out old and irrelevant files and make sure it’s just running the core system that it needs and nothing else, then you can re-add your apps on top.

    Unfortunately you will sometimes find that even after this, it may never be quite as good. You’re running software that the hardware was never originally designed for, and it may be pushing it to work harder to be able to run it as best as it can. Especially if it’s a model that’s now a couple of years+ old for example this will become increasingly clear.
    Thank you.
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    I've found the opposite, my battery life has improved noticeably with OneUi 5.1 (S22U)
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    Presume you actually mean Samsung One UI 5.1. It's been perfectly fine for me, besides the new features, phone operating just as before.

    Did read it can change the power saving mode you're on, so need to reselect. (edited)
    Thank you. I'll check that out.
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    I went through the same thing when Samsung updated it to 5.0 a few months ago. But after some weeks, it stabilised. This time, there has been no hiccup so far.

    A lot of discussion online as well - check out Reddit. By the way, you may want to edit the discussion title to Samsung UI 5.1. (edited)
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    Yip, I've been all over the place getting information.

    Glad you've not had any issues this time.
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    I'm still trying to get my wifes S21 Ultra running 5.0 to not use 20+% battery overnight, so I'm not going to touch 5.1...
    Have you considered that issue might have been fixed with the update?
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    No issues here, I have s21 auto updated and s20fe factory reset and flashed using Odin. Both work fine, I have not noticed any unusual battery behaviour (edited)
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