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Found 10th Jan 2015

I brought an S5 from Vodafone in the recent deal. It had the Vodafone software on it but wasn't network locked as I used a giffgaff sim and now three. My question is how does this effect android updates? Aren't updates pushed out by the networks?

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Updates are done based on the product code, sim has nothing to do with … Updates are done based on the product code, sim has nothing to do with it.

Care to elaborate...

If it has Vodafone software (firmware) the updates will be provided by Vodafone themselves. If you're not happy with the Vodafone apps etc the only way you can remove them is to root BUT that would invalidate your warranty. Usually on Android phones you can disable them or if you use a different launcher eg. Nova or Apex you can just hide them.

Hi there. I'm trying to find some info for you but not doing too well. your phone has a cid number which Is essentially your network identifier. an unbranded factory unlocked phone. For example an HTC handset is cid HTC_001 and this handset will receive unbranded over the air updates. Try this link for some explaination. My unbranded phones have all received OTA updates eventually.…194

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Generic UK … Generic UK updates: updates: is set in the product code on your phone, updates are based on that.You can just flash generic firmware if you want unbranded. On older Samsung phones this didn't affect the warranty as you were just flashing official Samsung firmware so it was fine. Not sure if this is still the case on the S5.

great answer, thank you
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