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Found 1st Oct 2017
my 9 year old daughter would like an mp3/mp4 player for Christmas. she's too young for a phone so i want something like an ipod touch though as i am not a fan of Apple I wondered if there is an android version. it's pretty much to use as an mp3 player and download songs onto. does such a thing exist? Thanks
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Buy an MP3 player then
The closest you’ll get is a tablet really, and trying to find a decent reasonably priced one was finding a needle in a haystack back when I was on Android. iPod Touches aren’t that bad. Also, you can get a used iPod nano that has a touch screen used below £100 from CeX (my one was practically new, the only visible signs of wear in the charging port).
just buy a cheap Android smartphone and dont put a sim in
Not sure if there is such a device as an Android MP3 player..?

Sandisk Clip Sport Plus may be what your looking for, 16gb version seen here…058 , there are smaller cheaper versions (clip sport) but the sport plus has bluetooth, handy if your daughter has/will have a bluetooth wireless speaker...?
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Samsung used to make something similar to the iPod touch. Not sure what they called it. But you might be able to get one second hand from CEX or eBay.
Found it.
Samsung YP-G1 Galaxy S WIFI 4.0 Yes (8,182 MB, Touchscreen)…SF0
Word of advice most of the reviews were from about 2011. So it might run slow due to its age.
Archos is another name that comes to mind, but non-phone devices that are smaller than a tablet are pretty much obsolete in the Android world, and likely to have a crummy old Android version.
You could have a phone with no SIM, or get the 3 200MB free SIM and not top it up
Thanks all
get her a sansa clip
Sony's players are nice, but a bit expensive. I agree with others here....just get a cheap android phone ;0). How about a LG G4 or G5....I thought they had DACS built in so offer great sound quality :0)
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