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Found 14th Aug 2017
i have no problem connecting to my home wi -fi , but when I try to connect to a free wi -fi (eg Tesco) my phone says I am connected but I have no internet access. it is the same on any free Wi-Fi areas. is there a setting I have missed?. any help greatly appreciated as I'm about to pull my hair out!
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My guess would be you need to confirm T&C's before use, when on the wifi go to your browser and try to access a page and you should be prompted with a page detailing terms of use and you need to accept them. The_Cloud wifi points require an account too.
Have you opened a browser, you should be prompted to register and log in.

Most free Wi-Fi networks have their own free app to help with thus and saving logging in each time i.e.

The Cloud / Sky, O2, etc.
Thanks for your replies, but although my phone says I am connected to Tesco Wi-Fi if I try to open any page on my browser it says I am offline.
Above comments are correct. What you need to do is forget the network, switch off and on your phone and try again. Wait until you get connected and leave it for a minute or so. If your browser does not automatically open then open it and go to any website. You should get sign on screen. If you do not then wifi is weak. Try the above again in strong wifi area.
Hmmm... "Switch off and on again." Now where did I hear that before? Oh now I remember: The IT Crowd!!!
Worth a try. Worked for me....
Sorry Syd, was just being silly - again...
Most Free WiFi Hotspots take you to their Landing Page first, so could be the Sites cookies its loaded before, clean cookies, or as said delete Sites details and re do, or just try a differnt Browser.
I don't bother connecting to public wi-fi hotspots - if you do manage to connect it's painfully slow so you can't do anything anyway. Especially those BT hotspots.
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