Android - will I lose all my game progress and in game add-ons? Help asap please - formatting :(


I am formatting my android tablet, and I have around three games with progress I do not want to lose, and one of those games has a few in game add-ons purchased (example gems or tokens or such to progress faster).

How do I make sure I do not lose my progress and paid for in game items? If I connect it to 'google play games' does that save my progress? and let it start back up where I left off once the machine is formatted and game re-installed?

If so, on one of the games I went to add to 'google play games' it asks for permissions:
Know the list of people in your circles, your age range and language
Share your google+ profile information and view and manage your game activity
View your basic profile info.

The one I am concerned about is it saying ''view and manage your game activity''. What does this mean? Can it change my game progress? change other games connected to google play games? How does it manage my game activity? very confused. Should I accept?

Please let me know how to sort this, as I need to format my tablet and may be moving to a different tablet and want my game (with game progress) on the new tablet.

Thanks in advance!!


I believe you can cloud save some games through Google play games, but you'd have to check in the options - potentially it would post your achievements etc to Google+, but you have full control over it. I've generally always lost game data when changing devices, so it really depends on what games.

There is plenty of backup app that will back up your apps and data. Just read the description to make sure you have the right app for the job. I'm not sure what the app is called but the icon is a red and white life ring. That's the one that works for me, I backup to a micro sd card.

you won't lose the add ons, but you will lose the process, speaking from experience

Obviously you have a Google play account, which you obviously have to buy and download apps, you just sign into your new device with the same account details, just as above do some backups as per what chris73 says, so simple, you just need to do a little research
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Okay thanks looking into the backup apps

About that ''Share your google+ profile information and view and manage your game activity'' to connect one of the games to google games.... anyone advice on accepting this and the other permissions? I don't understand what managing my game activity refers too?
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