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    Hi anyone know cheapest place to get Angel Seasons 4 & 5 Region 2 in the old book style packaging rather than the current packaging? Don't really want to complete my set in a different style.



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    Thanks Emma that's the ones.

    Just seems such a shame having to pay about £20 more than the latest release, but they are much nicer.

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    Sorry Emma it isn't these ones I'm after. The new style is in a plastic amaray style case but it's the original version that I'm looking for which was more like a book/folder style.
    The link you posted to season4 for gameseek actually shows the picture of the one I'm after but the description is the new version.

    Do you have a multi-region DVD player? have a US equivalent, called

    I'm not sure if these look like what you are after but they work out about £31.00 inc delivery.

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    Thanks but not the one I was after. I've now found season 4 (region 2) for £38 on amazon marketplace sellers list. It was released in a limited edition book style packaging in 2004 and reissued this year in basic packaging.
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