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Found 25th Mar 2014
I'm new to angle grinders and am planning to cut some metal, red clay bricks and a garden pot (terracota). Is there a single cutting disc that will cut all three, or would I require specific discs for each material? The grinder to be used is a Dewalt 115mm. Any help and advice (tips also!) would be greatly appreciated.
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Short answer NO
You can do it with any disc but each material will be faster or slower to cut and make a mess of one material compared to the other.
If a jobs worth doing then do it right
a thin metal cutting disc for metal. 10 pack £3 same place
a bosch diamond disc for stone. 2 = £15 toolstation
Wear gloves and goggles, you only have 2 eyes.

hello if you have a LIDL near you then maybe you should go and see if they have any disks left as they were selling angle grinder disks last week on 20th march they had diamond cutting disks (110-115mm) in a pack of four for £3.99 per pack or buy 2 for £7 there was also 10 cutting disks (not sure if they are 125 or 115mm) a cup wire brush and hook and loop grinding plate for sanding and a few other things. the offer wont show on the website because its already past the 20th but might be worth a look if you have one nearby unless the DIY crowd is particularly active where you live then there may be some left.
!!!!!you can not use any 125mm cutting or grinding disks in a 115mm grinder but things like the hook and loop sanding attachment is 125mm and is fine in a 115mm grinder as you will have to remove the guard anyway to use it!!!!!

foes4you has got it on the money safety is paramount
wear gauntlets and high impact goggles/safety glasses as metal fragments may enter your eye blinding you or if they don't blind you instantly the fragments will rust in your eye. with a dust mask (especially with dry stone cutting).
when cutting don't use the grinder in line with your body or face cos if it gets stuck and kicks... the nicest thing that might happen is the blunt end will hit you

make sure the guard and disk are very firmly in place before you start and hold it firmly with both hands (I don't mean force it into whatever your cutting with a lot of force just that your very firmly gripping it) and cos your using a small 115mm grinder the disks will heat up a lot faster than a larger 230mm so make sure you don't try to cut too much at once or the disks will overheat and the welds may separate etc (this is concerning diamond blades as they don't get consumed like standard cutting/grinding disks) the disks should state the maximum cutting duration but if not assume it to be around 60-90 seconds continuous before allowing the blade to cool also there are dry cutting and wet cutting disks if a disk is wet cutting and you don't wet them sufficiently or at all they will overheat much faster. Don't ever use diamond blades on metal
be safe and it can be fun.
the Lidl angle grinder and also the stand that turns it into a cutoff / arm saw style are both good items.
Thank you to everyone, really good information here! I ended up getting some Dewalt 1mm thin cutting discs and segmented Bosch diamond cutting discs.
Cheap diamond blade wil do all materials
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