Angry Birds on the PS3?

Found 8th Jan 2011
Someone at work mentioned Angry Birds was available on the PS3 as a download...I've looked but cant see it. Is it available here in the UK yet? Am I looking in the wrong place?


It's a Playstation Mini I believe?

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It's a Playstation Mini I believe?

Yeah thats where I was looking and then searched all games but nothing....

According to this it isn't out yet:…ds/

It is out on the US PS store though.


Yeah, what he said. Above.

Its out for mac on the new mac store though, if thats any use

it's on PCs also

Your text here

I'm also waiting for PS3 version


Free on Android, 59p on itunes, $3.99 on PSN. Worth it?

crappy game.
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