Animal Crossing

    is this any good this game for the ds ?


    have to agree both are top games

    I'm 24 and male and became completely addicted to it. My friend also became completely addicted.

    If you don't mind spending hours and hours collecting fruit and fishing to pay off stupidly high mortgages then go ahead, waste your life like I wasted mine...


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    might buy it then

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    now the next question anyone seen a good deal on it for the ds please ?

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    thanks alot


    I HIGHLY reccomend this game.. but i will warn you, it is very addictive! LOL

    i have this game again after selling it and buying it back on here, im getting addivcted again but im looking for some friends who also have this game so i can go to different towns, anyone wanna be on my friend list pm me pls!

    My sons 11 and he loves this game, money well spent. :-D
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