Animal Crossing City Folk with Wii Speak

    Anyone pre-ordered this? Is this gonna be any good and worth getting?


    I pre ordred the one without wii speak for my daughter for xmas, the wii speak is priced at £19.99 on pre order also so not losing nothing by not getting the bundle

    my daughter has asked for this also. When is it due out and whats the cheapest ? Thanks. x

    Yeah, mine has the DS game. She's given me a list of about 4 games she wants - one of them the Wii Music (dont like the look of that one tho). Will prob end up getting her this one, going on the DS game.

    You can soon spend £100 on 3 games - and they don't look much when they're wrapped up. Will stick with the one game and get her some other stuff.

    Thanks for the info starsparkle - repped xx (edit: given out too much, will rep u when i can, lol)


    Anyone know of any other games compatible with the wii speak?

    The Conduit (fps)
    Version 2.0 of the Opera Web browser for Wii will include Wii Speak support
    and there will be a wii speak channel

    The channel allows users to chat in one of four rooms with Wii Friends using Wii Speak online. There is no limit to the number of people that can be in each room. Each user will be represented by their Mii, which will lip sync to their spoken words
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