Animal Crossing DS

    Hey guys im addicted to this at the minute lol but its doing my head in cos i cant seem to get much further. How do i get turnips, the shovel etc?

    Ive not paid off my house yet and i keep talking to the ppl etc and they give me stuff and i sell it and pay off my i meant to get portia and alfonso together? lol

    sounds daft like



    Original Poster

    ahhhh thanks mate lol rep for you...

    didnt even think of looking for a stupid...

    anyone else still addicted?

    never played it, whats it all about then?

    Haven't really played it.

    i got over my addiction.
    Been 4 months 6 days and 13 hours 37 minutes since i last played

    lol join the animal crossing community really helpful, even youtube have many ways to cheat and get loadsa bells to pay of your mortgage,

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    lol thanks guys..

    anyone got a friend code??? and can explain how i visit ur town and how i invite you to mine>?

    sorry I forgot to give you the address join this forum and you will have many friends code who are willing to help you and complete your catalogue read the safety threads first though. You dont want hackers to come and ruin your town

    Lad here tells me Turnips is both your friend and the answer to all evils ?

    Shot off to school now but I'll interrogate hin when he returns tara if you so wish.

    He did get me involved with the Gamecube version once but all I ended up doing was weeding and catching piddly little fish.
    Oh and I had cockroaches or spiders or something running all round my house, yuck ! lol.

    I think you go by train from town to town ?
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