animal insurance won't pay out (what's my rights?)

Posted 22nd Feb 2016
Hi I took out dog insurance for my dalmatian a few months back when I got him. A few weeks ago I noticed he had blood in his wee so long story short he went to the vets and come out with £1500 bill. The vets sorted out the insurance paperwork for me. On the insurance it states they will only pay up to £1000 and I need to pay the remaining plus 20% of the total bill to the insurance. but now the insurance has been in touch with me and told me because the booster injections have not been kept up in previous years they will not cover me for any amount. I already have to pay £100 excess as well.

When I signed up to the insurance online they never asked if I had documents for booster injections so am really heartbroken I now have to pay £1500 as well as the £100 excess and the £280 for the insurance which in words is no good. I took insurance out for the reason I don't have a lot of money and wanted to cover myself in the future.

Can anyone help and guide me to if there is something I can do. The insurance is called Animal Friends. Thank you
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