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Anyone know of any good Anime bar Bleach & Naruto as these two have to wait a week for a episode to come out?

I, myself have a pretty good dvd collection of Anime, so surprising me with something I have not seen or heard of will be a bit difficult.

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one piece is a good one


death note is awesome

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one piece is a good onelink

cheers. seen a couple of episodes, not bad.

I see you're into Naruto?

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One of my favourites is FullMetal Alchemist (& Brotherhood)

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school rumble!

Hajime no Ippo - Ranks one of the best anime I've seen. Highly recommended!!

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what you think of Dragon Ball Z / GT?

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Tenchi Muyo, loved it when I first watched it in the late 90's.

Fruits Basket, Chobits, Clanned, Eden of the East & Sailor Moon aha!

Urotsukidoji !


cheers. seen a couple of episodes, not bad.I see you're into Naruto?

yeah, naruto, bleach, all the usual ones.

also check out samurai champloo

Hitman Reborn



what you think of Dragon Ball Z / GT?

Dragonball, z & gt and now Kai - class!!!
Bleach, naruto shippuden - brilliant
Death note - brilliant
Tsubasa chronicles - great
Xxxholic - love it!
Fma & now brotherhood - great!
Kenichi - good fun
D-grayman - great
Shonen onmyouji - love it
Inuyasha - love it
Devil may cry - nice
Sora no woto - love it
Elfen lied - not bad
Buso renkin - nice
Romeo & Juliet - nice
Oh edo rocket - nice
Skip beat - nice
One piece - class!!!
Samurai 7 - nice
Samurai deeper kyo - nice

Better stop now as i could go on forever ... There are loads more ...

These are my views and I know loads of you will disagree.

Ghost in the Shell, c'mon!
Defo Death note too.
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elfen lied

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Urotsukidoji !

Seen one of the movies, a bit disturbing I think. oO

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elfen lied

not bad an anime.

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okay ppl, I'd like your views on:



Claymore - excellent deserved 2 or more seasons
Utawarerumono - never seen it reviews coming in at 7/10. But I don't really like the hentai style of anime


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The Twelve Kingdoms

They need to make the next batch!

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Ghost in the Shell, c'mon!Defo Death note too.

Loved the movie.
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Studio Ghibli

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My favourites out of the Ghibli series:

My Neighbour Totoro

Princess Mononoke

Spirited Away

Howl's Moving Castle

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Oh no, no Bleach yet.

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