Anime and the UK - What's the problem?

Found 26th Jun 2007
I'm posting this out of annoyance over people on this forum voting the decent-excellent anime deals I find cold, the only reason seeming to be outdated thinking. It shows zero respect when people do that sort of thing after you take the time to check and post the deal, anime or not.

People in the UK seem to hate anime, they treat it like it's something only 10 year olds should be allowed to watch, most without even watching anything animated outside of Pokemon and Disney films.……380……376

Above are two examples of how people on here view anime deals view anime. Both are £5-7 below the other prices, yet both have been voted cold and ignored. Even a £33 anime boxset misprice I posted yesterday was voted cold at first!

Seriously, what do people in the UK have against anime? Do you all judge everything animated as Pokemon/Disney kiddy stuff, not even bothering to check if you're ignorant or not? :?
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We have people on here who vote cold for the fun of it. This is mostly at night when our dedicatated members are asleep.
It wasn't night when those were posted.
Hmm, i'm not really sure then, we do have some 'terrors' in the day too. But not as many as at night.

The other night a nintendo wii was posted in stock @ £20 off retail, when i looked it was at -17.
In the morning it was 80+.[hot]
I have not even seen these posted.
Cartoons, sorry anime, does not interest me. I don't see the point in it but I admit it can be disheartening, when you go to the trouble of posting a deal to see it cold and no comments.

People in the UK seem to hate anime, they treat it like it's something … People in the UK seem to hate anime, they treat it like it's something only 10 year olds should be allowed to watch, most without even watching anything animated outside of Pokemon and Disney films.

Thats my general opinion on Anime, But I haven't voted any deals because of that, If other people like it then fine.

I can't really see the point in Anime, To me it is more of a kiddy thing, I'd much prefer to watch a real movie!
I havent voted on either. IMHO they are still too expensive! (even if cheaper elsewhere).

I am partial to a bit of anime as well.. (in fact i prefer it over disney! and no i'm not 10... )

I guess its down to:
1 - lack of understanding
2 - Is it a deal? - as i said above and also people will be used to seeing dvd's posted at 3.99 -2.99 as deals

My suggestion:
When you post the deal - make the 1st post after a 'look at these prices elsewhere' that may get you a few more hots, but i think your just trying to heat up something thats not got a huge market on this website

To me it is more of a kiddy thing, I'd much prefer to watch a real movie! … To me it is more of a kiddy thing, I'd much prefer to watch a real movie!

I agree with the above, but would never vote cold based on the fact something wasn't to my taste, we all have differing hobbies, etc.

If an OP has tak the trouble and spent the time posting a deal I think it is wrong to vote cold without a valid reason and also giving the reason.
I think Anime is like Marmite.

You either love it or hate it!
Compared to American prices, these boxsets are still not at an ideal price. But, compared to the price of other £40-50 26 episode boxsets, the above two items are most certainly bargains when it comes to the current UK anime pricing.

I find it odd when people call anime silly - TV series are generally just as silly, what with sci-fi storylines and all. There's also the minus of live-action TV shows cast usually being made up of sub-standard movie rejects, whereas JP voice acting is usually top class; the voice acting profession is BIG in JP as a result of anime being so huge over there.

To people who hate anime before watching it: Download and watch the first episode of Death Note. If you consider yourself mature and you still can't accept anime...well, it probably isn't for you.

/is determined to post anime deals until it's accepted as normal :w00t:
I quite like anime its not my favorate medium but I much prefer it to the 'real' films such as crouching tiger or house of flying daggers (although I loved that film) or even , if im being honest to any of the hollywood horror or thriller genre. Anime is an art seriously it sometimes blows me away. However I can appresiate that its not for everyone, but you can't vote somthing as cold just because its not to your taste.
keep em coming, it sure beats the supermarket 'bargains' :thumbsup:
If you post a deal & it gets no comments then bump it with a humourous comment along the lines "guess there are no fans here" but if you're getting cold votes & you start whining & bitching about this it will just make the cold voters out there (along with more than a few borderline cases I'm guessing) vote cold even more to see how mad/irate/bent outta shape/upset they can get you or because of the whinging.
It's simpler to post a deal & move on (unless there are specific queries you need to answer)'s either gonna heat up or not but that WILL be the latter if you consistantly moan that it's all so unfair!!!
I don't care about the deals not being popular - Didn't post this to bring attention towards the above two boxsets. I'm honestly interested to see how many of the people who think anime is for kids have actually watched any anime outside of Pokemon.

There is most certainly something wrong when an anime boxset gets misprised at £11.99 (nearest price £44.99) and it only receives a 53ish heat rating, including many cold votes by people who think an anime boxset rated at 18+ (Gantz) is kiddy!
Personally I think we're just not exposed to the right stuff. Currently I'm in love with Tsubasa Chronicle, just like I was hooked on the original japanese fansubbed versions of cardcaptor sakura, chobits and a few others. CLAMP stuff mostly

I really never was interested in anime beforehand. The only non-clamp anime i've enjoyed sofar is the english dubbed outlaw star.

Hope some of you can suggest a few more I may like as well..

But yeah. I theorise that it's not caught on, because the stuff we have forced to us daily is mostly geared to kids (naruto et al) and in nearly every other case, the dub is disgustingly bad. I seriously cringe when i watch episodes of cardcaptors on youtube in comparison to the fansubbed versions.
Suggestions? :thumbsup:

Berserk - Classic, a must watch for anyone wanting to get into anime. Just be prepared for the most disturbing ending ever...

Cowboy Bebop - Funny, cool and entertaining. The last two episodes alone make this series worth watching.

Death Note - Quite possibly the greatest anime ever created. The final episode (37) aired today in Japan.

Yagami Light comes to own a notebook of death, a notebook with the power to kill anyone whose name is wrote in it. He decides to use this notebook to become the God of the crime free world he plans to create...

Fullmetal Alchemist - Awesome series, rated as the best out there by many. Handles both serious or comical scenes extremely well throughout the series.

Gungrave (boxset is getting released over here soon) - The Godfather of the animation world. If you can survive the first episode and the undead video game side of the story, you won't find many anime better suited for adults, the gangster part of the story is executed amazingly well.
Can you suggest any sites where we can preview trailers of the most popular anime ?
Your best bet would to search Youtube for popular anime music videos, the best usually get posted there.

Here's a good spoiler free (ish) Death Note music vid:

]Death Note
TV links site has loads of anime on, try that:thumbsup:
Has everything Aion has mentioned
Totally agree with the original post.

Its the same for subbed movies. I know quite a few japanese, korean movies etc that rip Hollywood apart but people just wont consider them as their subtitled.
It just hasnt caught up yet in the uk. Im currently on my way home from AX07, and you can really see a difference over the last years. Same with the conventions in Europe.
Uk will catch on, just like all other places are.

Might also be voted cold since 95% of everyone just downloads anime, since many series aint licensed here people argue that it isn't illegal.

Not to mention all the cheap bootlegs on ebay.

And the crazy prices from the US, (for example rightstuf)

Orderd 25 volumes for $170 last week including postage for thsi giant box (just orderd all the collectors boxes avalible :P) . that in the UK would cost you at least 3x as much.
Long-winded answer but bear with me

There is an awful lot of academic study of the appeal to certain areas of the Western audiences of Japanese culture. Why are anime, manga and certain other elements of Japanese culture seeping into parts of the Western culture whilst others aren't?

According to some profiling done by various American universities and HATII in Glasgow University, by far the biggest adoption of these cultural assets in the US and UK is done by 14-35 year old males with interests largely centred around computers, comics and science fiction (although other examples have been cited, it's very rare to find a 45-year-old housewife who enjoys a bit of Akira). Even within that key target audience, not every member will enjoy or appreciate anime at all - it's far more likely that someone in that group will read Terry Pratchett than watch Ghost in the Shell. There are reasons for this, though most research focuses on the personalities of those who appreciate it - notably, those who steadfastly define themselves by what their peers do not partake in, known academically as The Other.

The reason that anime deals don't perform particularly well on HUKD is because this site has a very, very broad userbase. Odds are a 1TB hard disc is going to appeal to more users than a cheap Naruto box set.

It's little to do with prejudice or ignorance, it's a question of taste. I've watched a fair bit of anime but wouldn't necessarily purchase it. Same with Bollywood films, Korean teenage sex comedies (which have to be seen to be believed), 1940s Russian propaganda films, Czech revolutionary films and Hollywood films.

Anime is niche, but not as niche as some. It's not ignorance on some people's part that they don't vote - it's just not their thing. Anime is a scene, and odds are that if you are obsessed with it you'd be hugely disappointed if it went mainstream as it'd ruin your sense of being The Other.

I shouldn't dwell on it.

That's put me in the mood for Akira, actually. Might have to see if my brother has a copy.
I also agree with the op. Anime doesnt get credit, both on this website but with people in this country in general.

I have to be honest, i dont like all anime but there are quite a few excellent series out as well as films. Some of the storyline/concepts in these are so complex that i get confused, and i know some of my friends have as well
I really wish someone like Channel 4 would start showing late night Anime again. I have fond memories of watching series such as Devil Man, Legend of the Four Kings and Cybercity Oedo 808 when I was a young lad
My girlfriend loves all this anime stuff i dont see why though
give it a try and you will see :), just make sure you watch somthing thats inside the genre you like.
HMV were doing Ghost in the Shell First Gig DVD boxset for £25 when I last went there a few weeks back. Would have posted about it but everyone votes cold on anything I post anyways so I could only imagine how they would have voted on a "childrens cartoon" haha. I mean you take the time to post a good deal, okay it may not be mainstream/fantastic enough to make it to the front page but I agree that people shouldn't vote it cold and post **** in the thread simply because they don't like it personally. Meh...
Worried about my eyes; seeing the light pulling on bright(ish) subtitles on dark(ish) backgrounds. Not good for an anime fan...

My anime 'collection' will hopefully include the Gantz box set (£11.99 pre-order, huge HMV mis-price I spotted) and The Shinkai Collection (£11.99 +10% off pre-order, HMV again). People on here largely ignored both deals.

I'm sure most people would over here would start to love anime...if they were chained to a chair for 1 hour with it on. Maybe we, anime fans, should capture people randomly and force them to? :?
The second clip looks really cool. I've never really given anime a chance. I'm a big fan of JRPG games, and loved the anime part in Kill Bill. But that's about all my experience in manga/anime.

Perhaps I'm afraid I'll like it :O

Slightly better?! HAPPY AWESOME POWER! Enough said.
There's a 99% chance you'll like anime if you're into RPGs - I loved RPGs long before my anime addiction started. :P

- Both require reading lots of text...assuming you download fansubs and start watching everything anime in JP by default. Outside of having to keep up with the subtitles, you'll be used to it already.
- Both have JRPGs and anime often have similar plots and characters, sometimes different from what's considered normal over 'ere.

It'd be worth downloading the first episode of Darker than BLACK (DtB) to have a look at it, the first 6 episodes are awesome, plus you'll enjoy just watching it since it's broadcast in HD. :thumbsup: I could hook you up with a direct download for the first episode...
Some Anime dated badly but some hasn't.

As a fan of Battle of the Planets I got the original Gatchaman from America with the English language. It is quite hard stuff, and shows how BOTP was dumbed down.

I have moved on to all the Gundam series, but ebay has proved cheaper to get all the series and be under the Customs value. They are quite well written, with moral issues addressed, but it is difficult to work out who is fighting who, and why. And why some want to kill and destroy the opposition and their reasoning for this. But then who understands war.
Going back to the original deals posted - they're both expired and both boxsets are now £29.99 each.
Aion, i wouldnt recomend Darker then Black to people who havn't wanted any anime before, the story isnt really that catchy. Yes the story is good, but its far from the best of the best.

For first time watchers i would recomend somthing like, Death Note. Starts pretty fast and has a very strong and deep story.
Another good one to start with could be Fullmetal Alchemist.

Deltongo: First, if your buying of ebay, chances are they are bootlegs i would avoid them if possible since there translations can be awefull, i got Gundam SEED from ebay once (guy said it was the region 1 version on 10 dvds, turned out to be region free and on 6 -.-) and the tranlation was SHI* mixing up names changing the names of the organizations in the series mixing up blue cosmos and Zaft for example...
Needless to say, if you dont listen to the japanese this could be very confusing, i at least have found most of pretty easy to follow.
Only fault i can find in the gundam series is that 90% of them start with gundam's being stolen and pretty much go through the same story. cant really explain without spoiling, but if youve seen one youve pretty much seen em all
Well im looking forward to the new gundam being aired next week, even though i can guess how its gonna start and finnish

Aion, i wouldnt recomend Darker then Black to people who havn't wanted … Aion, i wouldnt recomend Darker then Black to people who havn't wanted any anime before, the story isnt really that catchy. Yes the story is good, but its far from the best of the best.

The good thing about DtB is that it's easy on the eye and fun to watch, making it a good first choice for someone not looking for a complex story. The bad? DtB is made of short 2 episode arcs, most of them not connected to the main plot, and it all starts to become rather messy after the first 6 excellent episodes.

I've recommended Death Note before in this thread, it's my favourite anime.
well i suppose it depends on the person, i would recomend death note over DtB anyday DN was good but i prefered the manga,

Favorite anime of all time has to be Eiether Fate Stay Night or Suzumiya haruhi no juuutsu and Suzuka tho :), possibly Chrno Cursade as well... all of them are so different,

I wouldn't recommend DtB over DN, DN is far superior to just about every anime out there, including DtB. It's just that DtB would appeal more to people who prefer the flashy/action other words, most of the UK.


Favorite anime of all time has to be Eiether Fate Stay Night or Suzumiya … Favorite anime of all time has to be Eiether Fate Stay Night or Suzumiya haruhi no juuutsu and Suzuka tho :), possibly Chrno Cursade as well... all of them are so different,

Chrno Crusade is a great series, watched the fansubs when it was being broadcast and now own the R1 box set. It's just a shame the pacing went from slow to rushed after it split from the manga completely.
Yeh but they managed to get the ending right, the last episode is pretty damn perfect
If they had done a berserk ending i would have slashed my wrist =)
NGE got me hooked on anime, when i first saw that i thought WOW :w00t: that was awesome and i really don't think the idea would work on any other medium half as well, oh and death note rocks!!!! cant wait for the special thats airing on august 31st and the other thing i'm addicted to is naruto started watching it about 2 months ago and i've already watched all 220 episodes of the normal show and i'm fully caught up on shippueden, no wonder my eyes are knackered :-D
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