Anker Cables

    I've been buying cheap unbranded eBay cables for years and never really had a major problem. But some don't charge quickly, some are not a great fit in the charging port etc.

    Is it worth making the switch to Anker. They're slightly pricier but of course you get branded quality (I suppose?) and a guarantee.

    Can anyone please advise?

    P.S. I'm using Micro USB.


    They have a lifetime guarantee and the reviews look good

    I use Anker cables and I cant fault them on the quality, they have never broken for me and I would definitely recommend them to anyone

    ankers quality is very good and worth every penny.

    I've never considered buying USB leads because I have a drawer full of spares received when buying various USB-powered devices over the years. I just use 3-4 that came with the first items I bought.

    Some of the ones I use were received with cheap items so I'm certain they are not dissimilar to the cheap ones on eBay. I've never had a problem with any USB lead for my needs.

    I'm sure there are more expert people on here than me, but I'd have thought the main thing to think about for charging speed is the power source. I'd always look for a minimum of 2A.
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    Use anker all the time. Can't fault them at all.

    I have a long braided Anker cable plugged into a Samsung charger block and it's always been a perfect fit. Some cheaper cables become loose in the charging point over time but not Anker.

    yep, customer service is second to none. top company that makes great products they have never let me down

    Another Anker user here, to be honest I don't think I'd use another brand. They are superb.

    Anker Aukey are both very good


    Anker Aukey are both very good

    just a shame aukey are not allowed on here. i have a powerbank and with problems at all.

    aukey are good too

    I used to use Anker for larger batteries for Samsung and they were brilliant. One time I got a wrong product and they sent me the new one before I even sent the old one back!


    Anker Aukey are both very good

    Anker Aukey and technet and probably a few others are the same chinese brand

    Own a few. Rate them highly

    Same here, been using Anker and Aukey for a few years now. Got cables, power banks, chargers and even Bluetooth headphones. I can't fault them. Good quality and good prices

    Best cables I've ever used, I have had a few get damaged and Anker replaced them with no issues.
    Won't use anything else now.

    I have 2x of their 5 port USB chargers, must be 3 years old now and not a single issue.
    An Anker Quickcharge dual port Car USB charger - Works great and does not interfere with the radio unlike some others.

    Also have an Aukey Power Bank, that is 30,000mah and incredibly well built.

    Bought a few Aukey cables, powerbanks and chargers in the past and they are top quality.

    You can't go wrong with either brand.


    just a shame aukey are not allowed on here. i have a powerbank and with … just a shame aukey are not allowed on here. i have a powerbank and with problems at all.

    I didn't know that!, any reason why?
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