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Found 17th Jul
I've been looking at an inexpensive bluetooth speaker, and for the past few months I've had a whole stash of Anker SoundCore models in my saved list waiting until the prices dropped a bit, which it seems they have in light of Prime Day.

That being the case, I'm now left trying to identify which is best. The models I'm looking at are the SoundCore 2, the SoundCore Boost and the Motion B. Does anyone have any experience with these and, if so, any recommedations! Thanks
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Soundcore 2 is best value for money;
12w / 24hr battery life / splash & shower proof - £25

Motion B
12w / 12hr battery life / waterproof - £22

20w / 12hrs battery / shower + splash proof / 5200 power bank - £50

Boost isn't really comparable to the other two in my opinion.
Pay the £3 extra and get the SC2 to save yourself the self loathing for forgetting to charge the thing.
I have 2 Anker speakers and I Have Soundcore 1 And it’s amazing 1or 2 you will not get better for the price!
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