Anna Nicole Smith - dead!


    Bizarre end to a bizarre life. Leaving behind a 5 month-old daughter.…stm


    Star of the first 'soft pron' I ever saw. I think there was a horse on it, I wonder if that's dead too...

    Thats too bad, was never a fan of her myself, sucks shes left a young child behind motherless

    Seems a bit fishy with her son dying not long ago.... i remember that....

    Shame for the baby

    That poor baby :cry: :cry:

    Such a shame

    Surely the BBC report on is more important?

    i used to watch the anna nicole show, she seemed quite nice so its quite sad. the conspiracies have already started tho.

    Are silicone implants biodegradeable?

    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

    I guess she tried to emulate marilyn monroe,seems she may have met a similar strange demise:-(

    sad She had a really tough time lately aswell. Her poor poor daughter
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