Announcing the birth of my 2nd little Princess xx = Picture added - Post 56

    Imogen Lola was born on Friday 27th November at 20.46 weighing a very healthy 8lb 9oz after a rough few weeks and a rough birth.

    But she is WELL worth it!!

    Massive thank you to my pregnancy/ttc buddies - katiecoggin, munnski, magicbeans, jellybaby. edjaned, COM etc etc.

    You are all amazing!!!

    I may not be around much for a few days as still recovering but I'll be back in action soon!!


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! bet your are sooooooooooooooooo relieved its all over - but the best part is just beginning!!

    I just love her name - its gorgeous!

    congrats, well done you

    i got 2 rugrats myself...

    congrats, i have 4, i like 1 more but the missus said thats enough,,,
    children are ace,,

    Congrats! Nice name - I have an Imogen Rose.

    congratulations Sazzy xxxx we are all so incredibly pleased for you xxxx

    Congratulations and well done, beautiful name too. Soo pleased for you, enjoy these first few weeks, they go way too fast.

    Post some piccies when you are able xxx

    Congratulations! And a lovely name, I have a neice called Imogen Skye

    Congratulations and thats a beautiful name

    Mod & Ed

    Oh well done! Congratulations to you all, love the name, so pleased for you!

    Awww thats brilliant news!
    She has a gorgeous name too.
    Hope you're well-and baby lets you get a good rest!

    Congrats! x

    congratulations! x x x
    Congratulations :thumbsup: So happy for you xx

    Congrats...we have our first due in april, can't wait..
    Beautiful name


    [FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Magenta"]Well done honey! Lots of love to you all xxxx[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

    congratulations Sazzy and well done, hope your both doing well.:)

    Awww that is fantastic news hun.....many congratulations and all the very best, welcome to the world little one xx

    Congrats hun xx

    congrats xxxx

    YAY and shes absolutley GORGEOUS !! :-D !!

    congratulations x

    Congrats , all the best to you and your family

    Great news well done to all and much love from the mikebike family :):thumbsup:


    Congratulations x x

    well done

    Aww well done hun and what a lovely name!

    congrats :thumbsup:

    Congrat's hun.hope you are both doing well xxx

    Oh congratulations, I'm really pleased for you, I hope you recover quickly x

    Congratulations on your new arrival.

    congrats xx

    Huge Congratulations hun and I hope you recover soon :-D

    Enjoy her, I bet she has been worth the wait xxx

    Congrats xx

    Original Poster

    Awhhhh thanks everyone, 1st full night went reasonably well....if you don't include her being awake 12am-4am hehe


    Hey - Congratulations!!!!!!!! Nice to see some nice and happy news once in a while!!

    And Imogen - Great Name!

    Original Poster

    Awhhh thanks

    Your Location is still the baby countdown btw - Surely now its "wait for the kids the flee the nest.... 18 years to go "
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