Found 25th Oct 2007
dont get me wrong, ive bought bits with theyre code and they mostly turn up and im happy. however im now on hold trying to get through to them because theyve just sent me a note saying i need to pay them a £15 admin fee imediately.

the reason is this, between an order before the last item was dispatched (and charged) i had to cancel my card because of id theft. so i called up with my new card details so they could use that one for the last order. the guy takes the details and i prepay for the item in question. then i get a statement saying i didnt pay for the item because theyre obviously unable to think. and now i have to listen to this increasingly annoying put on hold music for what seems like hours just to tell them there isnt a chance im giving them money for their mistake , stop trying to give me a bad credit rating!

ps still on hold

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Catalouge sites, eh?

are you still on hold now ??

my experience of la redoute isn't positive .... but I wrote a letter to head office and that finally made them sit up and take notice of the problems I was having (the customer helpline were basically trying to pull a fast one on me)

hope you get it sorted out

yeah, they are rubbish, canceled all orderes sometime! and never order again.

Original Poster

well i had a good shout at them and they said ok theyd remove the fee, this was after i was driven insane by their horrible music. thing is i do wonder who actually stole my details in the first place as around the time it happened i'd only really bought from redoute. food for thought really

With apologies for bumping but heres my story - albeit one that was resolved.

They were doing a deal that if you referred a friend your friend would get a £25 voucher off any order (after they placed their first ordered and paid) and you, as an existing customer, would also get a £25 off voucher.

First problem - My friend was told that she wouldnt get the £25 voucher as her first order wasnt over £50. When my friend pointed out that it dont say that in any of the T & C's La Redoute relented and sent the voucher.

I get an email on 1/11/2007 saying that my £25 voucher has been sent.

It arrived today, 14/11/2007 in an opened A4 envelope (!)

Just spent about an hour going through the website and i choose some stuff which come to £57.00

I get to the checkout and enter the code on my voucher and "invalid code" comes up (!)

Anyway, just rang them and they told me the code had expired at the end of September!!!

They gave me an alternative code so i did get £25 off in the end but it hardly inspires confidence in their processes!!!

Still, hopefully im in when it arrives, the last order i made was left in the recycle bin in my front garden!!
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