Annoying extra loud tv ads

Found 14th Feb 2018
Has anyone noticed how certain tv adverts are really loud. The Disneyland Paris ad is one and MTV Trac also comes on really loud. Is this some new concept to get our attention?
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Sky used to do it but always denied it. I suspect they have stopped. I certainly don't notice it like I used to - but then my hearing is declining according to the family. Which TV or set top box does it happen on/through?
Not new, I've noticed it for years too
It's because they know you've gone to the kitchen to make a fresh brew & they need to be heard!
Amazon prime do this with the Grand Tour.
Been doing it for ages. It happens on radio too.
And the HD channels have to be annoyingly loud, show offs.
Dynamic volume/auto volume settings help.
Record your tv and never see an advert again. I haven't seen any in 15 years.
Adverts are one of the most powerful tools, that’s why kids can identify so many big corporations and brands but couldn’t identify a lot of healthy food. Whenever I’m on my phone and an advert pops up for 30 seconds I mute it and turn it away. The power of an advert you are watching and you think you’re not interested is unbelievable, even when your not paying attention it’s subliminally registering in your mind.
Adverts (and any TV broadcasts) within the UK must meet certain standards with regards to "loudness". I recently worked on the specification of EBU R128 that is a set of calculations used to scan video files and measures peak loudness and average loudness. This specification is used by the broadcasting companies in the UK who use our software to ensure EBU R128 specifications. Video that is broadcasted and that fails to meet the specifications are ILLEGAL. If the volume is excessive, there is reason for complaint and it will certainly be investigated.

For a simplified explanation of EBU R128, read…tml and for those who can stomach it, here's a PDF document explaining the technical aspects…pdf
Turn off auto volume in settings mateyyy
I'm not sure if the Advert is nationwide but there's a car dealership advert that has no sound, whoever thought of that one must have been thinking outside the box because you automatically look at the TV because you think it's broken.
they have been doing this for as long as i can remember. we sometimes wonder if it is our tv but we have come to the conclusion that it is not. even when we select auto volume control on the tv, it doesn't stop the adverts being a lot louder than other tv programs.

i have sensitive hearing so when the adverts come on, i have to turn the volume down as my ear hurts, then turn the volume back up when i have fast forwarded the adverts. it is really annoying. i doubt making the adverts a lot louder than the ordinary tv programs will make people pay any more attention, but they think it must work.
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