annoying screen flicker……719

    That's a video of an annoying flicker I get on my screen, it usually only happens in games during fast action parts but was getting a lot of it in this episode of House. My graphics card is a 6800 XT with lastest drivers,I have 3GB ram and a Pentium D I'm fairly sure my pc is capable...what could it be?

    As I don't know any techie forums and can't be bothered to hunt one down, register, post my question and find out that it has no members or something I thought I'd post here in what's fast becoming my tech help section of this forum!


    It could be the actual video...I don't really know im afraid.

    Did you download it?
    Does this happen with all videos you play? :?

    It could possibly be the graphics card, Its not overheating is it?

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    errr....I don't really know how to find out if it's overheating. This doesn't happen with all videos (I think there may be extra issues with this particular episode) but it was handy to show what happens usually only during fast moving parts of games.

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    CPU 50. System 40. PWM 55. temps from abit uguru.

    In the game, have you tried changing the graphics options? I don't know what options there would be, but you could try changing some...see if it affects it. What game is it by the way?

    How long has the system been running today?

    The temps aren't always accurate, 50 is probably as hot as you want to get it though.

    Is the Fan on the GFX clean?, Ie not clogged up with dust?


    The temps aren't always accurate aren't always accurate,

    De JaVu! :? :giggle:


    De JaVu! :? :giggle:

    Cheers Birdy!, Just done a not so stealth Edit!

    If the graphics card overheats,your computer freezes.

    The fan on my graphics card melted off.So it used to over heat alot

    I'd say its definetely either the monitor or the graphics card as its a display problem.

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    i'm inclined towards monitor just don't know why.

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    it's a dell 196fp thingy that was a misprice bargain I got from this site!

    my monitor used to flicker,and and go completely black,but the power button would stay be lit up

    The problem was the power adapter need replacing

    Sounds like a GFX card or a driver problem to me.
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