Hi going away feb 18th to gran canaria and gonna be going away prob another twice this year abroad so looking for good deal on annual travel insurance will be for two adults any ideas or tips folks..................? Thanks


    Go to and follow the guidance under insurance, always works for me.

    Once you know who's doing the best deal have a look on quidco to see if you can get any cashback

    Have you tried tesco? Gets you a gift card for buying and isnt that bad a price will compare most of the companies and find the cheapest im going to Corfu and Thomas Cook wanted 325 for travel insurance [url][/url] quoted my £5

    I get mine free:thumbsup: because i am with lloyds bank. ask who you bank with, it might mean upgrading your account but might be worth a go*

    i am with gotravel - worth a look

    This year I have gone with an annual worldwide policy for a couple,I think I paid around £65 and got £9.50 from quidco.

    If you are just looking to travel in Europe it may be a bit cheaper still.:)

    Free annual europe travel insurance for two with a joint premier account with the alliance and leicester only five pound a month.
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