Annual Travel Insurance for over 50's?

    Hi guys im looking at the mow for my aunty who is struggling to get a good quote for Annual Travel Insurance for over 50's.

    She is 78 years old and has high blood pressure so this is affecting it as well alot of companies wont even look at her!!.

    Does anyone know of good companies to go to?
    Cheap places to look but must be good insurance as dont want anything to happen and its cheap but covers her for nothing if you know what i mean?

    Iv heard of the really cheap ones being not worth the paper there written on?

    Thanks to any posters!!!


    My Mum and Dad take blood pressure tablets and disclose it to the insurance. They are 78. The last company they used was M&S who Dad said were cheap and brilliant. The other thing they did last year was added the insurance to their bank account with Lloydstsb (other banks do it too) It is worth opening an account if not. They have an introductory rate usually half the cost and she can cancel on return if it is just for 1 hol or it may work out cheaper anyway.

    oh its called an added value account and you can find it on their website

    Speak to age concern, supposed to be very good

    Try SAGA too

    Both age concern and saga were recommended to my Mum and Dad and were more £ than M&S..

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    thanks everyone will look into the suggestions now for her!!

    Saga and Age Concern quoted me ridiculously high rates.

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    Saga and Age Concern quoted me ridiculously high rates.

    where did u end up getting it from?
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