Another Avatar....

    I have gone through about 4 avatars in the past week. This is here to stay and if i change it within the next can ban me. to confirm it says 54M with a blue back ground ;-)


    Love it

    Awful change it. :-D :evil:

    whats it mean 54m?? 54 m bra size?? lol jk i fink

    This is your final choice????

    joke - it's fine!

    Original Poster

    54M is a better way of showing Sam lol

    ooohhh..didnt realise what it was ment o say until you said..had to squint to see it:thinking:

    Maybe tilting the 4 a little bit more

    Isn't SAM a better way?

    Original Poster

    I am gonna change it to Sam :-D

    Original Poster

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