another bar joke

    A man walks into a bar and finds a jar full of money on the counter. He asks the bartender what it's for.

    The bartender replies, "Every night we have a contest that you have to complete three tasks to win all the money in the jar."

    The man asks, "What are the tasks?"

    "First, you have to go over to Jimmy the bouncer and knock him out with one hit.

    Then, well, there's a pitbull out back and you have to pull its blunt tooth out.

    Finally, the bosses wife is up stairs and you have to go pleasure her, but you have to put down ten dollars to play." said the bartender.

    "Damn." says the man.

    Later that night, after several drinks, the man smacks down a ten dollar bill and says, "I'm in."

    He walks over to the bouncer and swings. One hit he's out cold.

    The man falls flat on his face also, but gets up and walks out back.

    All you hear is the dog howling.

    Then the man steps back in, goes over to the bartender and asks, "Now where's that lady with the blunt tooth."


    Ewwwwwwwww! I like it!

    gross....well done!


    Here's one that you can tell in about 5 seconds but it requires a bit of physical movement....
    Possibly s**t but it amused me when my mate did it....

    A Crab walks into a bar. The barman says... (at this point you need to hold up your arms and start rapidly slapping your fingers into your thumb with both hands, and possibly shake your head around a bit for extra effect).... "Who do you think you are, coming in here and giving it all that ??!!"

    Not sure if I should apologise for that or not....

    real eeeew, but funny
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