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IS anyone surprised?
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    Be nice to have a link not behind a paywall(yes I know you only buy it for the cricket scores )

    this ?…FTV
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    I'm surprised people can't work these things out by themselves without needing newspapers to tell them, you should never blind buy stuff like that and members on here are unlikely to either.
    There are more good deals than bad on Amazon as far as I'm concerned, saved a fortune on there and delivered as well. (edited)
    Especially as Kate is the Telegraph's "Consumer Champion"
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    Is it really newspaper article worthy ? Surely no one read the entire thing?
    Cheers that saved me bothering
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    Clickbait as usual. (edited)
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    Newsflash. They have some items cheaper than other places and some items more expensive. So the same as any shop then?
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    I'm surprised the 'journalist' was so stuck for an article, they opted for this!
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    I think the only people that needed this article are people that don't know the price of anything or don't look at prices.
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