Another dodgy site?

    I ordered an r4ds from them on Wednesday morning on next day delivery.

    It DID go through Paypal, but the item hasn't arrived yet and I've looked around the site an realised theres no login/proper contanct address...

    What do you all think? has anyone ever used this site?

    Please put my mind at rest, lol....…asp

    The fact it goes through paypal and googlemail and the items are normally priced makes me think it could be real....



    Have you tried their email address [email protected] ?

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    Yeah I have, but |I havent had a reply as of yet.

    Really worried now, I wanted the item to go away with on Sunday, doesn't look like its gunner come now as they say they send all items through normal post and the postmans already been an gone!

    I notice their terms and conditions say this :-

    All items are usually shipped within 24hrs. However, occasionally this scale may increase.

    Also noticed their 'Next Day Delivery" service shows 1 to 2 days.

    I suppose it's possible they send the "next day delivery" goods via a courier and not Royal Mail and it could still arrive today.

    Hopefully they will respond to your email and put your mind at rest.

    Good luck.

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    Yeah, hopefully, thanks for your reply.

    If they didn't honor it, as it went through paypal is there anyway I could claim the money back?

    No contact details, landline or phone, no vat number, no company reg address etc --- doesn't look good....

    I know it's not gonna help now, but ] have the R4 for $31.95 and offer free international shipping. A good reliable company. Works out to just over £15.

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    What should I do then?

    Cancel my card or what??

    I haven't checked if the money has gone out of my account yet. If it has should I leave it?!?! Help!!

    I know this isn't going to help, but that site looks well dodgy, I'd never have given them my card details.

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    Ok, I've checked on my paypal. definately payed for the item an its gone through...

    is there anyway I can claim the money back if the item doesnt arrive???

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    And i've just remembered...

    I didn't put my card details into the site!

    When it came to paying for the item it sent me directly to paypal.

    So that means they can't use my card in future, doesnt it?


    You can complain to paypal:…ide

    although it's generally not worth it for such a small amount.

    They can't charge you in future, no.

    Try waiting a few days - if you only ordered on Wed, they prob didn't post till thursday (yesterday), and with our dear posties taking days off whenever it suits them there is a huge backlog - it might arrive by Monday.

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    hmm... is there any chance it will come tommorow??

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    it was delivered just!

    im so happy!

    I reccomend that site! lol


    it was delivered just!im so happy!I reccomend that site! lol

    Glad to hear it. :thumbsup:

    Panic over

    How is the R4DS? Does it work well?

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