Another ebay question

dino, this one is for you

i quote :
Goods are not sold on a sale or return basis. If the item is found to have a fault on arrival we will replace it for you free of charge if we are informed WITHIN 10 days of the end of the Auction/Buy it Now. Watches2u does not provide any guarantee in addition to the original warranty supplied by the manufacturer and after the 10 day period ALL warranty issues must be handled directly with the manufacturer . Please be aware that if a product is returned as faulty and no fault is found the item will be held until payment is received for the cost of return shipping.

are they allowed to do this?

from what i remember of my economics classes at school, and this applied for a shop so i dont see why it wouldnt apply for an ebay shop, that according to trading standards, not matter what of the sellers policy, they have an obligation to deal with the matter themselves and contact the manufacturer themselves.
now this was a few years ago so i don't know if this applies, or if my teacher taught me non-sense.

this was for an auction of a watch, and it seems when i enquired of the matter they no longer wanted my business, and blocked me from all transactions.


This has been discussed many times on the PS Forum.
It's hard to enforce DSR on ebay if the seller is not a business. Having a shop on ebay does not make them a business according to TS. Paypal is your best option if the item is faulty.
Unfortunately, sellers can make their own T&C's and by bidding or buying you have agreed to them.
In this case, I would find another seller.

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i suppose thats what i'll have to do. there is only one other seller selling the same watch, but he has aprox 240 feedback (100%) but doesn't look like much of a seller. his watch would be second hand i think.

well nevermind thanks for your help.

p.s: dino could i pm you the link to the watch and maybe you could tell me what you think of it?


p.s: dino could i pm you the link to the watch and maybe you could tell … p.s: dino could i pm you the link to the watch and maybe you could tell me what you think of it?

Email would be easier, if you don't mind :thumbsup: :-
[email protected]

You could try the small claims court for breach of contract (i.e. goods not fit for purpose), but it's a bit of a long shot, especially as this is a private sale & you agreed to be bound by the terms stated. Sadly, I think it's a case of 'caveat emptor'.

As the seller suggests, there's still the manufacturer's warranty.

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i haven't bought it, but i did want to buy it.
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