another eBay question - sorry folks but you are all too helpful

    OK further to my other posts which I must say received helpful answers acn anyone point me in the right direction for this one?

    How do you change the countries that you will post too? I just can't find it in any of the options.

    The item is currently listed as UK only but want to add Europe as well.

    Anyone help please?

    many thanks



    On the listing page where it says international postage,there's a drop down box and you need to select FLAT :same cost to all buyers,then you can select worldwide or specific countries etc.

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    thanks - but if I follow that link it is to *exculde* locations and I do not have any location s excluded.

    If I edit my listing for buyer preference I have unchecked the box that exclude buyers from locations I do not ship to.

    But my listing does not show on ?????

    Any other ideas or have I missed something - again !



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    eBay - huh !

    now been told by eBay that it's a technical issue and it my listing should show in international ebay sites!

    they say they will sort it - we will see !!

    bet they still want their 10% - fix or no fix

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