Another Excel / open office question

Found 29th Dec 2017
I am not sure if it's possible but in open office can you do the following...

On Sheet 1 to print to a default printer
on sheet 2 to print to another printer

all on the same document and without having to manually change the settings.

thanks in advance

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Use Application.ActivePrinter = $printer
dxx2 m ago

Use Application.ActivePrinter = $printer

Not quite where that would go.

This is what I have so far

Sub PrintWorksheets()

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").PrintOut (ActivePrinter = "Printer1")
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet2").PrintOut (ActivePrinter = "Printer2")

End Sub

But it does not work on OpenOffice. Less used to OpenOffice but it's all I have to play with
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