Another "free to a good home" prize draw!! Alien Vs Predator on dvd

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Found 16th Jan 2009
New and sealed (still in cellophane) copy of Alien Vs Predator on DVD

Same as the last one, post, that be your entry, and tomorrow at say, 10pm, will use to pick a post who shall recieve the dvd.


i be in again matt, ta

don't wanna be in the draw but think it's really nice that you do this :thumbsup:

count me in

sticks my name in the pot


I will enter, thank you.

Good of ya... (not to be included though please)

you "the man" :-D

Why don't you donate it to charity,if i win thats what i'll do:-D

Original Poster


don't wanna be in the draw but think it's really nice that you do this … don't wanna be in the draw but think it's really nice that you do this :thumbsup:

hukd don;4085096

Good of ya... (not to be included though please)

Thanks, when i first did this i got accused of "rep begging" ?!?!?!?! - when i posted them in fs/ft as part of a 40+ item thread, i got suspended for bumping 3 times when the thread was 130+ posts (genuine error)

Sod it, for the sake of a few quid, lets spread some karma :lol:

Lynds, hukd don, your posts will count as the person below's entry at draw time, as will this . . . :oops:

This is the last one, to prove he got da goods :thumbsup:…e=2

im in


Bless your wee cotton socks......

I'm in please

I will only stick it in ebay, plz count me in :whistling:

P.S. Don't count me in:p

i be in too

im in but my home is not a good home

Yes I will give it a good home.

ah go on...

Count me in Please :thumbsup:

count me in !!xxx

count me in...thanks!!

My hubby would like this film i think - count me in thanks x

Me too Please :-D

I'm in .. ta very muchly

I'm in M8

Me please :-)

Count me in as well, please.

ill jump in if ya dont mind

put my name in the hat please

Ooo AvP, count me in.

i would like to be included please,


Count me in please x


no need to count me in but just thought id say ur a very genorous person

count me in:-D

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Ickle bump for the evening crowd, draw at 10 peeps and peepettes

Same rules as before - will use random.orgs integer randomiser, the BOTTOM RIGHT hand number will be the winning post.

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And the winner is . . . .


Original Poster


i be in again matt, ta

Post numero uno - faevilangel


Post numero uno - faevilangel

woahhh i never win nothing :lol:

Original Poster…new

heres the link to the randomiser used, try it if you think there's anything fishy - want to be above board . . . .

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woahhh i never win nothing :lol:

Well you did today

Gonna do another DVD, erm, in a bit!

PLUS - Will be a game going for nowt over the weekend, either on 360 or DS . . . or both . . . . . :thumbsup:
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