Another Google Nest Mini or a Bluetooth Speaker

Posted 23rd Jun 2020
I have a Google home mini (1st Gen) and the bigger Google Home set up and I need a third device to listen to music in another room. I was going to get the Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) but then read that you can connect bluetooth speakers to your Google Home network and have them play music when you tell Google to play.

So, the question is - can I get a half-decent sounding bluetooth speaker for the same price as the Google Nest Mini or should I just get the Nest? I've looked at the bluetooth speakers and they all look a bit... cheap. I'm sure they're great for kids down the skate park listening to Avril Lavigne or whatever but do they make sense in the home?

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Google home has a habit of cutting off my Bluetooth
Ahh, that's not good.…545

I've had one of these for a couple of years, packs a punch for a tiny speaker and the battery lasts an age!
Paid £25 for it from amazon. Mines the soundcore 2 actually…5WH
Doesn't connect to the google home minis that I have around my home, but the sound quality is far, far better
Seeing as you both have trouble connecting to Google Home and I've never had much luck with Bluetooth myself, I might just stick to the Google Nest. I've got enough agro in my life already without buying a Bluetooth speaker to fight with!
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