Another "how much is this worth...." thread, lol

    Ok, can someone tell me how much this pc is worth.

    It's a Targa (?)
    INTEL Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200
    3GB DDR2 ram
    Mini Tower Micro-ATX Motherboard
    Nvidia Geforce 9500gs 512 ram
    640 GB samsung spinpoint HD
    Dual layer dvd writer.
    Vista Home premium.

    Friend knows someone that is selling it, new in the box, wants £250... I was wondering if it's worth that?

    thanks for any help xxx


    Sounds a nice bit of kit. Mini tower will limit upgrades, Graphics not great but I think its worth £350ish

    lidl sold these
    not a gaming pc

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    lidl sold thesenot a gaming pc

    Would it run Sims 3 do you think? Not really wanted for top end games, just basic stuff and a few games.

    Worth £250 definately, it'll handle games like the Sims 3 just fine however don't expect to be playing graphically intense games such as Call of Duty 4/5 at max settings
    It's got a decent processor, more than enough RAM, and a large hard drive so the only thing holding it back is the small case but it seems like you weren't looking to upgrade it so that shouldn't matter to you



    Worth £250 definately


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    Ok, thanks for your help guys

    Repfest! xxx

    £250 is not a bad price at all, sounds very reasonable.
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