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Found 9th Apr 2010
I have malwarebytes, and Kaspersky 2010

Twice I have had " Vista AntiMalware 2010" ... think its a virus or something.. which basically constantly interrupts IEP.. and other things.

Each time I have used a restore point to get rid of it... but it will prob come back... and the internet offers up a way of removing it but I am not comfortable following the instructions.. don't really understand them.

So... my question is.... why are my security priogrammes not detecting it... and what can I do about it if it rears it's ugly head again...?

Any help welcome.


update your malwarebytes and scan regular

update your AV straight after and do same
don't update MBAM first then scan with av without updating your AV as when Mbam scans it will be tied in to the AV and will be scanned at same time by AV so update both before scanning

Get ccleaner as well to clear out your temp files..

Trouble with your restore point is the program can be dormant waiting for certain conditions to activate.…nSQ

try 1st answer

Run RKILL before you install Malwarebytes.…com

Download the free version of Malwarebytes.…exe

Save it to your Desktop as 1006543.exe, Then run it.

After the installation is complete, check for updates, then run a full system scan.

Restart your computer when the scan is complete and the viruses have been removed.

My friend had this and I got rid of it using Bitdefender's linux-based anti-virus boot disk:…es/

Running a scan from within Windows just wasn't working as the virus has hijacked the anti-virus itself and wasn't letting me run a scan without it failing. I couldn't even open EXE files at one point so I was really stumped (including Regedit, to reverse the change that the virus had made!)

If you run the boot disk, make sure you're hooked up to your router via an ethernet cable to download the updates as setting up wireless is a pain. You only need to connect yourself to the router for a couple of minutes while you download the definitions anyway.
Not sure if you can download the definitions to a USB drive and load them that was but that might be worth looking into if you can't run a ethernet cable between the PC and the router..

Original Poster

I have got a registry cleaner, My AV updates automatically every day, however MBAM does not... is that possibly why it came back?

Also the second answer is the one I've seen and not sure about what to do.. there was a warning that if you do something wrong.. ie not follow instructions to the letter, then you could mess up big time. AND I assume this is what I should "try" to use if the virus comes back .


Just download rkill…com

Then RUN it

download MBAM again but rename it when you download it (eg rename it to…exe

click save

then install and do a full scan it will then find what it was looking for try to fix it then more than likely restart and fix it.
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