Another laptop advice thread. Sorry.

Posted 29th Oct 2020

My Mrs has a graphics tablet (xp pen artist 12). We had a cheap laptop and it was painfully slow and clearly not up to the task.

I'm just wondering, what should I be focusing on when looking for a laptop? Is it most important to go for an i7 cpu, or ensure there's 16gb+ of ram? Or dedicated graphics? Or all 3? Or SSD (which they all seem to have). Or something else I've missed?! I'm so confused. I've been looking at "gaming laptops" as I figured the demands graphics-wise would be similar. Could be barking entirely up the wrong tree.

Want to spend around £600, can push a little more if I have to. Figured while there's 20% off ebay, now could be a good time. Or maybe black Friday will be a better option.

Any advice much appreciated!
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