Another laptop deal request!!!!! under £400

    Ok not that clever in this area but want one with a fast processor around 160gb vista premium 5 in 1 card reader open to any suggestions need it like NOW...

    thankssss in advance.


    Ive got a dell vostro looking to sell with the same criteria as above.???…888

    This gets good reviews. Not sure if its a 5/1 card reader

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    diamondnine;5191924 gets good reviews. Not sure if … gets good reviews. Not sure if its a 5/1 card reader

    Yes have seen that one looks pretty good i do see some posts/comments saying that AMD turion x2 not as good as the pentium equivilant?? will i really notice the different?

    im not a big gamer jus poodling about HP quality stil good these days?

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    Saw this one anyone got a views on it? ( +vat)…WW+
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